mockup of the cover of the NDA Contract Kit manual
  • You want to make sure employees or contractors that you bring on are contractually bound to keep your confidential information…confidential.

  • Not sure if you want to work with someone, but you have to give them access to a little confidential information in order to make that decision? Get it in writing with this Kit.

  • Going into a business arrangement where you and the other business will be exchanging confidential info? Got you covered.

  • This three-in-one bundle of contracts covers all three of those specific scenarios.

  • Prevent someone from using your own confidential information against you by getting it in writing.

Every Contract Kit™ Comes With:

  • #1

    A Customizable Word Document

    Editable to suit your needs.

  • #2

    A Follow-Along Manual

    'Cause "FILL IN HERE" can get confusing, and you want to know exactly what to put where.

  • #3

    A Companion Video

    Say what? Yep. Each Contract Kit comes with a video that explains the paragraphs in your contract and how they protect you. 'Cause your contract is useless if you don't understand that.

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