mockup of the cover of the Terms of Use  Contract Kit manual
  • You want to make sure your purchase-specific policies -- like taxes, shipping, and refunds -- are all out there for your customers to see.

  • You want some good disclaimers in place. Like, "things might look differently in person than they do on your computer screen" and others. Just to protect yo'self.

  • You sell physical products -- in other words, not downloadable files, but rather something that you ship to the customer.

  • This Terms of Use (Sale of Physical Products) Contract Kit comes in when you want to make your store policies and policies for visiting your website very clear to your users and customers.

Every Contract Kit™ Comes With:

  • #1

    A Customizable Word Document

    Editable to suit your needs.

  • #2

    A Follow-Along Manual

    'Cause "FILL IN HERE" can get confusing, and you want to know exactly what to put where.

  • #3

    A Companion Video

    Say what? Yep. Each Contract Kit comes with a video that explains the paragraphs in your contract and how they protect you. 'Cause your contract is useless if you don't understand that.